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Latin textbooks for an adult student?

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Latin textbooks for an adult student?

Postby maryfinn » Tue Apr 08, 2014 4:52 pm

Can somebody give me some advice?

I'm a graduate student just starting to try to learn Latin on my own (it would be useful in my field), and I've glanced at both Wheelock's Latin and Lingua Latina, which I will probably end up using.

However, I would really really prefer to find a textbook with progressive translation exercises, as in Karl Sandberg's French for Reading. (The book gives a French sentence -- then immediately an English translation below -- then another French sentence -- then another English translation below, and so on. You gradually move down the page uncovering the answers as you go.) In other words, you have a lot of short exercises with the answers right there for immediate feedback.

Does anything remotely like this exist for Latin? If not, do you have any general recommendations for self-study?
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