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Ambiguous Sentence in Teach yourself Latin

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Ambiguous Sentence in Teach yourself Latin

Postby naturalphilosopher » Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:27 pm

In Teach Yourself Latin, revised by F. Kinchin Smith, lesson 2, exercise 5, I find this sentence:

"Cum incolis insulae pugnas, atque ferocia et ira flagras."

The answer key gives, "With the inhabitants of the island you are fighting, and you are blazing with boldness and anger." This is the same as my answer in its essentials.

What I'm not 100% sure of is does this describe fighting with an opponent, as if I said, "Billy is fighting with his sister again." or an allied relation, as if I said, "The US fought along with England to defeat the axis powers." Any thoughts?
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