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....de LLPSI Cap XL

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....de LLPSI Cap XL

Postby pmda » Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:58 pm

1. Moram brevem petit 'dum fortuna se dolere doceat!'
She seeks a brief delay 'whilst fortune can teach itself to mourn' [?]

2. Multa prodigia eam monent ut lucem relinquat: cum sacrificium faceret, vidit vinum sacrum in foedum cruorem se vertere;

Many portents warned her that she should leave this life: when made sacrifice she saw the sacred wine mix itself with the profane gore;

nocte obscura vox Sychaei vocantis exaudita est, atque in somnis ipse ferus Aeneas eam furentem prae se agit. Multa praeterea vatum praedicta eam terrent.

3. 'Quin [quin + imp. = age] morere, ut merita es, ferroque averte [prohibe] dolorem!'

'morere' ? imp. s.

4. "Nate dea, potes hoc sub casu ducere somnos?
Nec quae te circumstent deinde pericula cernis,
demens, nec Zephyros audis spirare secundos?
Illa dolos dirumque nefas in pectore versat...

That woman is turning a terrible delusion and sacrilege in her heart.

5. Hoc dicens ensem fulgentem e vagina eripit et funes incidit. Idem omnium ardor fuit, mox cuncta classis litus deseruit.

Idem omnium ardor fuit = ardour did the same with each one (ship)?

6. Nec in pace regno fruatur, sed ipse ante diem [ante diem = ante tempus] cadat insepultus!

'Ante diem' ?

7. Exoriatur aliquis ex nostris ossibus ultor ferroque colonos Dardanios persequatur nunc, olim, quocumque tempore vires dabuntur!

(Ultor: Hannibal). 'quocumque tempore vires dabuntur' ? May an avenger rise from our bones who, with fire and sword, will take vengeance against the Trojan colonists, and someday somewhere we will be granted a reign of power.
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Re: ....de LLPSI Cap XL

Postby Qimmik » Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:31 pm

7. May an avenger rise from our bones and may he pursue the Dardanian colonists with the sword -- now, sometime in the future [olim], whenever [quocumque tempore] the resources [vires] are granted.

6. ante diem = 'prematurely', 'before his time.' ". . . may he die [literally 'fall'] without a burial before his time.'

5. idem omnium ardor fuit = literally, 'the eagerness of everyone was the same' i.e., 'everyone was exerting themselves with equal eagerness.'

4. 'That woman is contemplating (turning over) in her mind [pectore, literally, 'breast'] deceitful stratagems [dolos]and a dire evil deed.'

3. morere - 2d sing. imperative of morior - 'go ahead and die, as you deserve, and ward off pain with the sword.'

2. 'Many portents warned her that she should leave this life: when she was performing a sacrifice she saw the sacred wine turn itself into grisly gore.'

1. dum fortuna se dolere doceat - 'until fortune should teach her to grieve." se refers back to Dido.
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Re: ....de LLPSI Cap XL

Postby pmda » Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:32 am

Thank you very much Quimmik
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