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HELP!!! Stubborn and violent siblings...

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HELP!!! Stubborn and violent siblings...

Postby Michaelyus » Wed Jul 28, 2004 9:25 pm

I have been trying to teach my siblings Latin, but they feel it is boring. :shock:
They refuse to learn, and they have become violent and virtually aggressive with the mention of Latin. :(
I've tried to explain the benefits of Latin, but they give me insults and grief. :cry: :x
They find Latin a horrible ordeal. :shock: :x
Any help would be welcomed, thanked, praised, lauded, and generally adored.
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Postby klewlis » Thu Jul 29, 2004 12:38 am

It's not for everyone. Is there a particular reason that you feel they NEED to learn latin? If they hate it, there's no sense trying to force it on them. They can still be healthy people without knowing latin. ;)
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Postby Amy » Fri Jul 30, 2004 3:28 am

How old are they? My mom tried to start me on piano at age 3 and I hated it and quit when I was 6 and now I want to start again but I can't because of oh the humiliation. Try in a few years, or wait till it's offered in school (if it is at all).
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