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voc. Pius

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voc. Pius

Postby Lavrentivs » Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:01 pm

Is the vocative of Pius Pie or Pi?
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Re: voc. Pius

Postby Craig_Thomas » Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:29 am

'Pie' est.

A search of PHI for pi yielded nothing relevant whereas a search for pie did yield a couple of relevant passages hidden among the numerous instances of the adverb.

The first is from the Scriptores Historiae Augustae:
Antonine Pie, di te servant.

The second is from Servius' commentary on Aeneid VIII.77:
FLVVIVS {vero} vocativus antiquus est: qui apud maiores in omni forma similis erat nominativo, sed modo aliter est in secunda tantum forma. namque si proprium fuerit nomen et 'i' ante 'us' habuerit, 'us' perdita facit vocativum, ut 'Terentius Terenti', nullo excepto; si autem appellativum sit, in 'e' mittit vocativum, ut 'pius pie', 'fluvius fluvie', excepto 'filius', nam 'fili' facit.

Lewis and Short also give this form in their entry for pius, citing Prudentius' Cathemerinon:
O crucifer bone, lucisator Omnipotens pie.
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