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De Cap XXXV Familia Romana (Orberg) III

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De Cap XXXV Familia Romana (Orberg) III

Postby pmda » Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:34 am


[M] Verbum quid est?

[D] Pars orationis cum tempore et persona, sine casu, aut agere aliquid aut pati aut neutrum signifans.

'aut neutrum'?

Verbum pars orationis cum tempore et persona, sine casu est, quod aliquid agit aut patitur - aut nec agit nec patitur (?)

A part of speech with tense and person [but] without case which something either does or suffers [has done to him] or neither does or suffers (?) [intransitive].


[M] Modi verborum qui sunt?

[D] Indicativus ut, 'lego', imperativus, ut 'lege', optativus, ut 'utinum legerem', coniunctivus, ut 'cum legam', infinitivus, ut 'legere'.

Nonne 'optativus' idem et 'coniunctivus imperfectum' significat?
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Re: De Cap XXXV Familia Romana (Orberg) II

Postby adrianus » Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:25 pm

I'm writing in Latin hoping for correction, and not because I'm confident in how I express myself. Latinè scribo ut ab omnibus corrigar, non quod confidenter me exprimam.
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Re: De Cap XXXV Familia Romana (Orberg) II

Postby Craig_Thomas » Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:52 pm

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