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#3 Answers

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#3 Answers

Postby benissimus » Sat Jan 24, 2004 11:49 pm

1. In order to not be accused myself, I accused my friend.
2. All of us will come with you, so that you may be safe.
3. We will leave the sick that we may not be hindered.
4. Let us go to the top of the hill so that we may see the plain.
5. We shall send 200 men in order that we may hinder the enemy's march.
6. He is marching with Caesar so that he may not be accused by us.
7. He did this in order that a poor man might not be consul.
8. I was sent to ask for peace.
9. In order that the enemy might not take the city the whole of the army set out.
10. To avoid the enemy, march very quickly.

1. Ne ipse accusarer, amicum accusavi.
2. Nos omnes tecum veniemus, ut salvus sis.
3. Aegros relinquemus ne impediamur.
4. Ad collis summum adeamus ut planum videamus.
5. Ducentos mittemus viros ut hostium iter retardemus.
6. Cum Caesare ne a nobis accusetur iter facit.
7. Hoc fecit ne pauper consul fieret.
8. Missus ad pacem petendam sum.
9. Hostes ne urbem caperent exercitus totus est profectus.
10. Hostium vitandorum causa, velocissime contendite.
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