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Modern poems in Latin: a game

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Modern poems in Latin: a game

Postby tacente » Fri May 16, 2003 8:36 am

Salvete, everyone. I am new here. So, let's start with some Latin-related self-promotion.<br /><br />I am playing a little game in my journal, posting (prose) translations of various Russian poems (in full or in fragments) in Latin. The aim of the game is to guess the original (so far, it's been rather easy); but I do have a big idea lurking behind the quiz. Everyone's heard laments about the untranslability of poetry. But if you strip a poetic text of all its formal characteristics, including language (your own or anyone's) - what is left is pure poetic essence of the text, the ideological features which distinguish it from prose, or from poetry of other authors, etc. It is only achievable if the text is written in a dead language, which no one can claim as his/her own. Sadly, such trick will work only on a small community of freaks within every national culture; but being one of them, I still think it's better than nothing.<br /><br />This is a clumsy explanation, but I hope it's not unintelligible.<br /><br />Anyway, if someone is interested (Russian poetry rules, no doubt about that), please visit my log at http://tacente.livejournal.com/ and have a look. I would also more than appreciate sarcastic comments about my grammatical mistakes from anyone more knowledgeable in all things classical than myself. The surrounding comments and threads are in Russian; let it not deter you (I write many entries in English, though). If you choose to comment on anything, I'll be more than grateful. I'd really appreciate any comments on my grammer and usage - my Latin is limited and not a result of any formal or consistent instruction.<br /><br />Thank you.
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