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ch 24 ll

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ch 24 ll

Postby little flower » Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:18 pm

hi again
I am having some problems emailing my tutor. Would it be possible to do a quick check of my translations. Thanks

(The sick boy)
In the meantime Quintus occupies the bed. The sick boy turns himself again and again on the bed, neither can he sleep whether he lies on the right or one the left. Therefore he tries to get up but his leg begins to hurt him again. The frightened boy looks at his bare feet and says 'What is this.? My right foot is much bigger than the left. Quintus wonders that the legs which were the same yesterday today are not the same. Then the sick boy sinks down in the bed. The villa is quiet ,there is no sound to be heard from any side besides the birds, a sudden frightening storm in the silent garden.
But suddenly the silence is broken by a shout and a loud noise for Marcus in his own room which is next to the room of Quintus shouts with a loud voice and punches the door with his hands and feet.
Quintus who wonders at the noise calls Syra who immediately hastens.
Syra 'What is it Quintus.? I thought you were sleeping.
Quintus 'Do you think i can sleep through so great a noise.? What is happening Syra.? What does Marcus shout thus and bang the door so strongly.
Syra 'Dont wonder at this. Marcus tries to break the door because he cannot get out any other way. But you. How are you.? Does your leg still hurt.?
The boy himself says his leg hurts. My leg hurts very much. I cannot rise from the bed with the pain.
Syra 'Have you tried to get up.?
Quintus 'Certainly i tried to get up but it was necessary for me to stay in bed my leg was hurting so much.

To be cont'd.
Look at my legs Syra . Compare them . Before i fell from the tree they were the same. Now the right foot is larger than the left.
Syra 'I am not surprised that your leg is hurt because you fell from such a high tree, but i am amazed that your leg is not broken. you can easily break a bone.
Quintus 'Who knows.? Perhaps the bone is broken for i can scarcely move my foot without pain.
Syra 'All your bones are healthy. Dont cry. A Roman boy ought to suffer pain without tears.
Quintus I do not cry although i suffer severe pain. I am sad because it is necessary for me to sleep indoors while the other boys play outside. Console me Syra. Sit here by the bed and talk to me.
Syra sits by the bed at the boys left side and consoles him thus. Dont be sad because you sleep here indoors rather be happy that you are not locked into your room as your brother. Neither is Marcus allowed play with the other boys.
Quintus 'He is not sick nor is he in pain.
Syra 'Although he is well his back is certainly suffering.
Quintus 'Is Marcus beaten.? Why is he not allowed out.? What happened after my brother returned home.? I know nothing. While i am lying here alone i know nothing although i desire to know everything.
Section 2.
Syra 'I will immediately tell you what has happened. Today your brother went to school without a companion.
Quintus ' Did not Medus accompany him.?
Syra 'Yesterday Medus fled the house. I think because he wished to see his friend who lives in Rome.
Quintus 'How does Medus who is scarcely ever in Rome know a Roman girl.?
Syra 'I dont know how but i know for certain that he knows some woman for he often speaks of her. Nothing is difficult as they say for him who loves. Medus was therefore not able to accompany Marcus today. Not long ago Marcus returned alone, but father scarcely recognised his returning son nor does he kiss him as usual for Marcus was not only wet because he walked in the rain but he was also dirty and covered with blood because he had lay on the ground and was punched by Sextus.The boys indeed had fought in the street. First Sextus had punched Marcus then Marcus and Titus had punched Sextus. On hearing this the lord severely rebuked Marcus.
Quintus 'What did mother say.?
Syra 'your mother was not present but entered after a little while. Then Marcus had already washed and changed his clothes, the lady did not see him dirty and covered with blood. Marcus indeed said that he had been a good boy although he had slept in school neither had he heard the master recite, what is worse than the rest in this matter is that they all slept. At last he showed to mother the beautiful letters which Sextus had written and said that he himself had written them. What is so shamful is that your brother lied.
Quintus 'How do you know Marcus lied and that these letters were written by Sextus.?
Syra 'Because the name Sextus was written on the tablet.

to be cont'd
And after a little while the courier arrived.
Quintus 'Recently i heard someone knocking on the door and the dog barking loudly. Then suddenly someone shouted with a loud voice. What did all this tumult mean.?
Syra 'The courier shouted because he was afraid of the dog, not without cause for the dog bit him and tore his clothes. That dog is as fierce as a wolf.
Quntus 'I am not afraid of the ianitors dog, neither have i been bitten by him at any time.
Syra 'I am not surprised because you saw the dog very often.A dog who knows you does not know him.
Quintus 'A dog who not only knows me but also loves me for i often gave him bones and often play with him. However what has brought the courier.?
Syra ;A letter brought him in which the teacher had written. Marcus has been a most lazy student and writes ugly and bad Then Marcus who at first denied everything then confessed that he had lied.
Quintus 'Without doubt he deserves a beating.
Syra 'The teacher already has had him beaten twice, neither therefore does father wish to beat him again, but he locks him in his room. However it is easy for you to blame your brother while you are sleeping here in your soft bed. Have you yourself always been a good student.?
Quintus 'I have been better than my brother. Yesterday i was praised because i had written and praised beautifully.
Syra 'Have you only written and recited beautifully.?
Quintus 'Rather we are all praised except Marcus because we recite and write beautifully.
Syra if ye are praised because ye write and recite more beautifully than Marcus has anyone not written better than you. For i know Marcus well ,neither do i think he is more stupid than ye.
Quintus 'But he is certainly slower than us.

little flower.
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Re: ch 24 ll

Postby brookter » Fri Dec 03, 2010 7:36 pm

Please take these points with a pinch of salt, as my knowledge is poor and I don't know how strictly you want it to be judged.... but:

a) Shouldn't 'lectō tenētur' be '...is kept in bed' (passive) rather than 'occupies'?

b) shouldn't the phrase: "... etiam avēs, tempestāte subitā territae, in hortō be more like "even the birds in the garden are silent, frightened by a sudden storm?"

c) several times you translate 'pēs' etc as leg, rather than foot.

d) Where does 'Do you think...?' come from in "Mēne dormīre per tantum strepitum?'

e) 'What does Marcus shout thus...' = 'Why does....?'

BTW, forgive me if this is because the tutor requires a very literal translation, but the English is a little stilted and unnatural - (e.g. '...turns himself in the bed...' rather than just '...turns...' ) I don't know whether this matters in this context?

Hope this helps

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