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dum pastores greges eorum nocte advigilabant :)

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dum pastores greges eorum nocte advigilabant :)

Postby phil » Mon Dec 22, 2003 7:01 pm

It's the silly season..... why not...

tintinnabuli neniae
latus tenebrosum lunae
estne in Marte vita?
feriae aestivae

scalae undequadraginta
viri ex Marte, feminae ex Venere sunt
homines tres in cymba
fabula urbium duorum
and of course:
occasus et casus imperii Romani :)

And of course, being from Wellington, I have to include:
Dominus anulorum: reditus regis

Anyone else?
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Postby ingrid70 » Mon Dec 22, 2003 8:33 pm

Having young children, I'd go for:

uruca semper famelica
araneus industriosissimus
Ricardi Horifici orbis terrarum scitulus **
cineris purgatrix ***

tres mures caeci
ille senex, ludit uno

rex leonum
Robertus ille Aedificator

*(Miffy's original name is Nijntje (from Dutch konijn = rabbit))
**(translated from the Dutch title, spelling error intended)
***(Dutch: assepoester, cleaner of ashes, cinderella)

Ingrid, mother of two boys aged 3 and 5 :).
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