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More translated excerpts

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More translated excerpts

Postby Einhard » Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:47 pm

Salvete iterum,

I'm not 100% certain that the translations below are fully correct, so any input would be appreciated as always.

Themistolces fertur Seriphio cuidam in iurgio respondisse, cum ille dixisset non eum sua sed patriae gloria splendorem assecutum: "Nec hercule," inquit, "si ego Seriphius essem, nec tu, si Atheniensis esses, clarus umquam fuisses."

It is said that Themistocles responded to a certain native of Seriphos in a quarrel, when the man had said that he did not attain honour for his fatherland: "Neither, by Hercules," he said, "were I Seriphian [?] and you an Athenian, would you ever have been famous."

Quod Aristides cum audisset, in contionem magna exspectatione venit dixitque perutile esse consilium quod Themistocles adferret, sed minime honestum.

When Aristides heard that, he came to the assembly with great expectation, and he said that the plan which Themistocles had conceived was advantageous, but had little virtue.

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Re: More translated excerpts

Postby modus.irrealis » Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:25 pm

With "cum ille dixisset non eum sua sed patriae gloria splendorem assecutum" the ablatives give the cause. He's saying that he (=Themistocles) attained honour not due to his own but due to his homeland's glory.

For the response, it's more like "Neither would I [have become famous] if I were Seriphian (why not?), nor would you have become famous, if you were Athenian", meaning the honour he got is not just due to his homeland.

I read the second excerpt as you did, except for adferret which I read as "was bringing forward" or "was proposing" -- it's the imperfect subjunctive, so I don't think "had ..." is right here.
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