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The Vestibulum: Revised and Expanded

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The Vestibulum: Revised and Expanded

Postby Ursinus » Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:25 am

The fruit of many hours of labor is now complete. I have finished transcribing and retranslating Comenius' Vestibulum. Why have I done this?

First, the early-modern script is not easy on the eyes, and so my new transcription provides an easier read. Moreover, I have also included the macrons, indicating the quantity of every vowel. This is especially useful for beginners in their pronunciation and being able to identify where the accent ought fall.

Second, I have retranslated the work. The old Latin-English edition is translated into antiquated and archaic English, much of which is a learning experience of its own, let alone learning Latin. In order to eliminate a potential stumbling block for beginning Latin students trying to build a vocabulary, I have attempted to translate the entire text into modern English.

Third, this Vestibulum is expanded. Many of you may be familiar with the recordings of Evan der Millner. The Vestibulum he uses is the English-Latin edition. Unfortunately, this edition omits many useful words found in other editions. Therefore, I have supplemented the Latin-English edition with the Polish-German-Latin edition, usually deferring to the latter when there are discrepancies.

Fourth, I have added some minor explanatory notes that should help the reader.

I hope that this document will be of service to many Latin learners. The next project will be to record the entire Vestibulum and offer it here for download free of charge. I will be recording using the ecclesiastical pronunciation and will format the recordings Millner-style: Latin-English-Latin (including important explanatory notes) and then a Latin only version. I will upload them as soon as they are completed.

Also, let me know what might be an interesting new project. Right now I have done a little of Comenius' Orbis Sensualium Pictus. I'm also thinking about transcribing and retranslating Corderius' Colloquia Scholastica, all of which I would hopefully make recordings for afterwards. A third possibility: Bedwere, suggested I Ørbergize the Vestibulum LLPSI style. This would be a lot of work, but could be a lot of fun. Let me know what you guys think.

Special thanks to Bedwere, Timothee, and Imd for their proofreading, suggestions, criticisms, and especially their patience for bearing with my silly mistakes. Benedictiones Dei vobis.

Text: Ianuae Latinitatis Vestibulum If you believe there is an error, please post it on the other thread.

Latin-English Audio: Caput Primum (complete)

Latin Only Audio: Caput Primum (complete)

Edit: I have finished the first book for both the Latin and Latin-English audio.
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Vestibulum: Revised and Expanded

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