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My choral piece needs Latin words

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My choral piece needs Latin words

Postby Jakub Nsk » Mon May 05, 2014 2:33 am


My name is Jacob. This year I will get a master's degree of music. Lately I compose music mainly for choirs - usually I use words which are in public domain, but sometimes I also write lyrics by myself or take an existing poem (of course with the permission of the author).

Some time ago I composed two choral pieces in a different way than usually a composer would do. I decided to write music first, and then find a matching text.
This idea worked perfectly with the first piece - I found a great modern poem, which fits perfectly to the music. The piece is more and more recognizable in the "choral world" which makes me very happy.

But the second piece remained without words. It was even performed for the test at a concert one time using only "Dadadada" syllables. The audience liked it but I felt that the piece needed lyrics, so it ended in the "sock drawer". For some time I didn't know what to do with it, but now I'm sure that this piece needs Latin lyrics. I even have a title "Deus ex Machina" - these words would fit one part of the chorus and it is in line with the dynamic character of the music I wrote.

I had classes in Latin in high school, but I'm not an expert in this, so I want to ask you for help. Maybe someone would be interested in writing Latin lyrics to an existing piece of choral music? I need about 9 lines of text, with a specific number of syllables with accents in the right places, because the lyrics have to match the music - maybe it sounds strange here, but I think that everything will be clear when you hear the music.

I know that this is an unusual proposal, because not everyday everyone writes words to a classical choral piece, but I hope that somebody would be interested in this type of cooperation. I will send all the details (my ideas, thoughts, the score etc.) in a private message - of course if anyone would be interested in wrinting words to my music.

Here are some examples of my earlier works:


my newest piece with Latin words
(performed by a choir who uses the traditional German pronunciation of Latin):

And this is the test performance of the piece that needs lyrics:

Best regards (and sorry for my English, but it's not my native language), Jacob.
Jakub Nsk
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