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About the Composition Board

PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2005 12:21 am
by annis
Version 0.1, May 2 2005

For our purposes, composition means any text you might produce in Latin or Greek longer than a single sentence. For conversation in Latin or Greek, you should visit the Agora. For single phrase questions, or questions about exercises from non-composition textbooks, you should visit the usual Greek or Latin forums.

Otherwise this forum is composition workshop, like a writers' workshop: post your work with questions about style or vocabulary, comment on other people's work, post composition challenges on some topic or form, or just dazzle us with your inventive use of galliambics.

A few guidelines (apart from the usuals - be polite, etc.):

  • Spend a moment to make sure the corrections you offer are themselves correct. Citing the usage of a classical author is especially helpful.
  • If you're posting work from one of the composition textbooks, please let us know which one.


As always, the lexical tools at Perseus (Chicago, Berlin) are major treasures.

For Latin there is:

For Greek: