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Dr. Dan Wallace on ho pisteuon

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Postby Kopio » Sat Mar 04, 2006 6:53 pm

annis wrote: :shock:

There's a scale? I had no idea.

What's the endpoint? Is it continuous? Can I speak of femto-calvins and mega-calvins (an idea that appeals to be a lot this morning for some reason)? How many mega-calvins to a geneva?

I don't call them mega-calvinists. The term I use is Hyper -Calvinist (really). When I run across a hyper-Calvinist (of which I have several very close friends who are of that ilk) I might refer to them as 27 point Calvinsits or some other absurd number just to be funny. I'm afraid it's the sort of humor that you pick up after being at a Bible College for so long.
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Postby Kopio » Sat Mar 04, 2006 7:14 pm

Also...I think I've found the empitus for this going on and on about John 3:16 here. I dug around the site a bit more and it seems as if not only is this fellow very anti-Billy Graham (whom most evangelicals are very fond of...myself included), but it appears to me that theologically speaking he is a Modalists...i.e. his view of the Trinity is not orthodox in the eyes of most evangelicals. Mind you, I'm not saying thats mreeds view, but I followed the link from one of his postings and that's where it took me.
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Postby Paul » Sat Mar 04, 2006 11:40 pm

Dear Mr. Eeds,

I was poring over your lengthy and incoherent posts when I felt a sharp pain in my head, and heard a loud "ker-splat"! Suddenly, I couldn't see. And I could feel some kind of warm goo all over the keyboard.

Moving my hands to my eyes, I realized in horror that my head had exploded!

Did you know that you had this power?

I, for one, would beg you to be prudent in its application. I don't like it when my head explodes, not one darn bit. It hurts.


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Re: Dr. Dan Wallace on ho pisteuon

Postby joja » Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:49 pm

Re: Eternity

" Forever is "a space of time." Eternity is forever, forever and forever, but there's only one Eternity. And we find out that you receive Eternal Life, and the word in the Greek is Zoe, which means "God's Life." And you receive part of God's Life, which makes you a spiritual son of God, and you're just as everlasting as God is everlasting. You have no end, no place to stop, because you had no place to begin. Anything has a beginning has an end, and that without a beginning has no end
See, if there's an eternal punishment, to be punished forever and ever, then he's an eternal--he's got Eternal Life; and the only one Eternal Life, and that comes from God. Everything without a beginning has no end; everything with a beginning has an end. See what I mean?

Now, the word "a-i-n-i-o-n" means "a space of punishment," in the Greek Lexicon, right here, "space of punishment," or, "time of punishment."
... Then take it back into the--into the translation here, the English, "everlasting" is "a limited of time."

...The wicked shall go into everlasting punishment, be punished for a space of time: maybe a billion years, I don't know; but you'll certainly be punished for your sins. But as certain as sin had a beginning, sin has an end. Punishment had a beginning, and punishment has an end. And hell was created for the devil and his angels. See?

And if you've got Life without end, how can you perish? You have become a part of the Eternal, and there is only one thing eternal.
Satan's not eternal. No. He--he become Satan. Hell is not eternal. Hell was created; it's not eternal. And these bodies are not eternal; they were created. But the Spirit of God is eternal. It never had a beginning, or It never has an end. And the only way we can have Eternal Life (from that Greek word "Zoe," which means "God's own life"), we have--we become a part of God when we become sons and daughters of God and we have Aionian Life. So the part that lives, us, that recognizes this Word from here to there,
that recognizes, is Aionian Life, Life without end.
It's God's own Life in us. " - William M. Branham


Re: believing on Him... (It's not enough)

"They just lightly take It, "Oh, well, I believe there's a God. Sure!" The devil believes the same thing. The devil believes it more than some people claim to believe it. The devil believes it and trembles. People just believe it and go on. But the devil trembles, knowing his Judgment is coming, and people believe it and don't pay no attention." - William M. Branham
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