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Romans 8:23

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Romans 8:23

Postby JauneFlammee » Wed Jul 28, 2004 3:29 pm

[face=SPIonic]a)pekdexo/menoi th\n a)polu/trwsin tou= sw/matos h(mw=n[/face]

This verse is classically interpreted as 'redemption of our bodies'. However given the definition of [face=SPIonic]a)polu/trwsin[/face] as 'Being set free,liberated by payment of a ransom' I'm confused.

It seems to me this clause could be interpreted in two ways with exact opposite meanings.

redemption of our bodies (ie a renewed and transformed version of this body)


liberation from our bodies (ie a complete freedom and release from this body)

Is the body what is liberated, or is it liberation from the body?
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Postby klewlis » Thu Jul 29, 2004 12:36 am

hey there,

While the construction makes a genitive of separation possible, I do not think that the context allows it.

Verse 11 says that the Spirit will renew our mortal bodies
Verses 19-22 speak of physical creation... and that it will be freed from its slavery to corruption--this would *have* to be a physical renewal, would it not? (unless the earth has a spirit, which I do not believe is an option).

I can't think of any places where Paul advocates a freedom/release from our physical bodies. Instead, he talks about overcoming the flesh and being renewed and regenerated in it. Thus I think that "redemption of our bodies" is a better translation. :)
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