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Iliad 2:207

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Iliad 2:207

Postby Bert » Sat Jul 02, 2005 4:35 pm

[face=SPIonic](\Ws o(/ge koirane/wn di/epe strato/n;[/face]

The translations I used to check my word have something like; 'Thus he masterfully went through the host.'
I took the participle to go with o(/ge to mean something like; 'the ruling one.'
How does this participle get to act as an adverb?
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Postby Paul » Sat Jul 02, 2005 7:08 pm


Translated more literally the participle says 'acting as ruler', 'lording it'.

Your translator is taking it as a circumstantial participle that provides an attendant condition, here a manner, of the main verb. This seems quite normal to me.


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