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Paragraphs 125, 132, 134, 142, 144, 151, 153, 162 and 164

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Paragraphs 125, 132, 134, 142, 144, 151, 153, 162 and 164

Postby maximo » Sun Nov 16, 2003 4:03 pm

Hi, guys,
I have more translations for you to check. Plese do it, ok


Cyrus, Darius's son, was Persan, beautiful and good. And Darius made him satrap of Lydia, Phygia and of Cappadocia.
And Cyrus had strongholds in the satrapy, war boats in the sea, and brave soldiers in the country, Greek hoplites and Persan trageeters and bowmen, too.
But Tissaphernes, Caria's satrap, was Cyrus's enemy, but at that time was making no expedition against him nor sacking his country. For Cyrus was a skilful general in war and Darius's son, so that Tissaphernes was afraid of Cyrius.


(1) There were wild asses and horses in the plain.
(2) The Euphrates River was impassible.
(3) But the way was narrow and steep.
(4) But will we have, Cyrus the supplies?
(5) Artaxerxers was his (own) brother’s enemy.
(6) The satrap will lead the soldiers on account of friendly satrapy.
(7) Darius had sacked the enemy country.
(8) So that he was Artaxerxes's enemy and (on the other hand), loyal to Cyrus.
(9) It was not right the hoplite (to) beat the Persian bowman.
(10) The Persans are neither friendly nor trustworthy.


Then Cyrus was the satrap od Ludia, od Phrigia and of Cappadocia.But when Darius had died, Artaxerxers, Cyrus’s brother, became king of the Persians and Tissaphernes traduces Cyrus before his brother of plotting against him. And Artaxerxes arrests Cyrus.


(1) They have led hoplites instead of bowmen.
(2) Thus You (plural) are plotting against the allies.
(3) But he has dishonored Cyrus.
(4) I have hunted beasts on horseback.
(5) Will we send the friends the letters?
Clearchus, soldiers, because he has broken (his) oaths, he has (his) punishment.
(7) And we have sacked the country on account of loss of soldiers.
(8) He sends the messenger back to the stronghold.


Then Artaxerxes was dishonoring (his) brother. But (his) mother frees Cyrus and sends (him) back to the satrapy. But when Curus comes to Lydia he plans how he will be king instead of (his) brother, for he was (his) enemy. And the barbarians in the satrapy were friendly and loyal to Cyrus.


(1) They had beaten the commander.
(2) Then Cyrus was planning something bad to (his) brother.
(3) The young men had brought long bows and good slings.
(4) And the general made an expedition against the satrap’s country.
(5) We were sending together with other good soldiers the general.
(6) Because they broke their oath, we will sack the villages.
(7) And the Barbarians shot (with their bows) on horsebacks.
(8) So I was/ they were bringing the captain to Clearchus.
(9) For Artaxerxes had ordered the satrap (to) send tributes.
(10) You (plural) had enough soldiers in the stronghold (to) plunder the villages.


And so he was collecting the Greek army; he orders the commanders of the garrisons (to) collect soldiers from the Peloponnese; for he thought, as he said that Tissaphernes was plotting against the country. And at that times, the rest of Ionia was friendly and trustworthy to Cyrus, but Miletus was a enemy. So Cyrus besieged Miletus both by land and by sea.


(1) These houses have doors.
(2) These soldiers were beating the stranger.
(3) And Aristippus the Thessalian was his guest.
(4) And after him Clearchus himself said this.
(5) And thus these ones were collecting the targeteers.
(6) They are planning these same things.
(7) And he orders them (to) say this.
(8) This plan wasn’t clear.
(9) But this same orders that ones (to) sack the country.
(10) Clearchus said this: “the soldiers, both the ones of himself and the others, asked him to lead the army” – Thanks to Clemens and Skylax for the big help


So Cyrus was collecting the army against Miletus. And he sent messengers to (his) brother and sai as follows: “I desire, Artaxerxes (to) rule Ionia, too and (to) send way Tissaphernes from the country.”
And (his) mother helps him with this. Thus Artaxerxes doesn’t suspect of Cyrus’s plan, for that one sends him tributes.
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Postby Skylax » Fri Dec 19, 2003 3:28 pm

Note that I am unable to estimate the quality of your English! Moreover, my English is often a virtual one.
Your translations seem generally correct. Only a few remarks :

1. wild : wild asses
8. So that he was Artaxerxes' enemy and (on the other hand), loyal to Cyrus.

6. when : as, because

Cyrus had : The barbarians in the satrapy were friendly and loyal to Cyrus (but yes, "to be" and the Dative ("to me") can become "I have", however maybe not always)

5. with : together
6. When the broke the libations : As/because they broke their oath

3. Aristippus the Thessalian was his guest
4. this : this one (him)
6. They are planning these same things
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Postby maximo » Fri Dec 19, 2003 7:42 pm


Thank you, Skylax for the big help...again.

And don't worry about English. We're here to learn Greek, right?

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