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Digital tutorial on White's First Greek Book

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Digital tutorial on White's First Greek Book

Postby mwh » Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:28 pm


A review of a new book on digital classics criticizes the choice of FGB rather than the digital tutorial itself:
"For his part, Rydberg-Cox makes a compelling case for widely available, digital resources for learning ancient Greek (especially for the benefit of students geographically removed from elite universities). Yet he does not provide enough evidence that his own interactive Greek textbook is educationally effective. Despite its long list of impressive technical features, his tutorial is fundamentally based on a textbook from 1896, with its attendant hyper-grammarian slant (for example, students learn to decline nouns in the dual before learning the verb “to be”). A digital, interactive version of this textbook is certainly better than no Greek resources at all; yet Rydberg-Cox could do more to convince us that it is necessarily better for the conscientious student than a newer, non-digital textbook."
(Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2016.09.42, reviewing Gabriel Bodard, Matteo Romanello, edd., Digital Classics outside the Echo-Chamber: Teaching, Knowledge Exchange and Public Engagement.)
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