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JWW exercises, para 342, 344, 350, 352, 357, 359

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JWW exercises, para 342, 344, 350, 352, 357, 359

Postby Koala » Thu May 27, 2004 1:27 pm

further suggested solutions...

1 if he injures/wrongs the soldiers, we will not wish to follow
2 they fear that you might attempt to do harm to the friends of Cyrus
3 if we overcome them, all will follow
4 we ask/let-us-ask the messenger if he has the silver/money
5 he fears that they may try to bring back the fugitives/exiles
6 he will speak publicly that he may show to all what he has in mind
7 if the army withdraws by night, the enemy/enemies will follow
8 if you summon the other soldiers, they will all try to be good
9 if Cyrus allows Clearchus to have the soldiers, the other generals will no longer march with him
10 if we summon our friends now, we will proceed/traverse the rest of the way without fighting

They remain there five days, and Cyrus tells the Greek generals that the way is to be (will be) to Artaxerxes in Babylon ? and he orders them to tell this to their soldiers and persuade (them) to follow. The soldiers are angry with the/their generals and do not wish to follow, if Cyrus does not give them money as at first. The generals reported this to Cyrus ? he (then) promises each soldier five minae of silver when(ever) they come/arrive at Babylon. Thus the Greek army were persuaded.

1 the Greeks made a contest for themselves
2 on this day they proceeded homeward with a guide
3 Cyrus says that the man is at the river Euphrates
4 his mother sends Cyrus away again to the province
5 but they also called Xenophon father
6 and he made an enumeration/count of the Greeks in the park
7 and the Greeks voted to proceed with the man
8 and Cyrus sent a reward of five minae
9 there were expert/brave/good orators amongst the Greeks

Menon, before it was clear what the other Greeks were going to do, whether they (he) would follow Cyrus or not, summoned his army and said as follows (this): Men, now Cyrus is requesting the Greeks to follow (him) against Artaxerxes. I therefore order you to cross the river immediately ? for if they vote to follow, Cyrus will honour you above the other soldiers; but if the others vote against (it), we will all proceed/go home again.

1 someone says this
2 who says this?
3 some say that Cyrus was pleased
4 there was a certain Thessalian Menon in the army
5 and he asks the slinger how much money/silver he has
6 if they win, why it is necessary for them to destroy the bridge?
7 what sort of things/matters/affairs were the Greeks in?
8 he asks whose the horse is
9 Cyrus struck a Persian man and a certain other of the guides
10 he asks the messenger who is praising the soldiers of Menon

When the soldiers of Menon heard this, they obey and cross (over) the river before the others say what they will do. Cyrus was pleased and said to the army through/via a messenger, ?I, men, praise you now ? but you also shall praise me straightaway, or no longer will I be Cyrus?. The soldiers were indeed in great hope, and (were) said to have sent gifts to Menon. After this he crossed the river ? and the other army all followed him.
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Postby Skylax » Sun Jun 20, 2004 4:37 pm

5. « the fugitives » : also « the exiles »
7. the ennemies will follow :)
10. It can be « our friends » (in French, we can often translate the article with a possessive adjective)

« now obey » I don’t understant very well : literally it is « was persuaded », as « obeyed » would be rather e)pi/qeto , in the 2nd aorist. The text don’t seem so much to point out why the Greek obeyed, but how they could be persuaded to follow.

1. It is about a single contest..
4. province
9 are : were (imperfect)


9 guards : guides


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Postby Koala » Mon Jun 21, 2004 6:48 am

[face=SPIonic]eu0xaristw~ soi, Skulac

o0cu/taton de/rkesqe
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