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M&F Unit 15 English to Latin

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M&F Unit 15 English to Latin

Postby bingley » Sat Jan 10, 2004 1:29 pm

Could someone look over these English into Latin translations for me, please.

The topics for this unit are:
a. Cum clauses and other temporal, concessive, and causal clauses.
b. Conjunctions which can take the indicative or the subjunctive
c. Proviso clauses

1. Since someone is approaching, we shall bring it about that your friend does not harm anyone.
Cum aliquis aggredat, efficiemus ne amicus tuus quem noceat.

2. Although he delayed for a long time, he could not wait for the nurse to approach
Quamquam diu moratus est, dum nutrix aggrediret expectare non potuit.

3. When the people fear you, they hate you.
Dum populus te timet, odit.

4. Let him come, provided my opinions profit him.
Veniat modo eo sententiae meae prosint.

5. He withdrew to his home because (he claimed) he was going to die soon.
Se domum recepit quod mox moriturus esset.
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Postby Skylax » Sat Jan 10, 2004 4:12 pm

Just a few remarks about a remarkable job :

1) aggredat : aggrediatur. aggredior like capio in the passive voice. You may also say propius accedat or appropinquet ||
quem : cuiquam (< quisquam "anyone" in a negative clause), Dative because noceo is followed by the dative.

2) aggrediret : aggrederetur / accederet / perveniret

3) dum : cum (with dum, the subjects are in principle different)

4) eo : ei (Dative of a pronoun cf. illi isti ipsi cui...)

5) (nil reprehendendum)

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Postby bingley » Tue Jan 13, 2004 5:45 am

Thank you Skylax. I can't believe I forgot aggredior was deponent. :shock: :roll: :oops:
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