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Units 9-11 Review B

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Units 9-11 Review B

Postby phil96 » Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:02 am

I'm having trouble with the translation to Latin (III. Sentence 1)
How many days after me do you want to set out to Rome?
M&F have previously given us quantus - how much, how great, and quot - how many. I took from this that if you were referring to countable things you used quot, and for, well.....quantities that had to be measured, you used quantus.
However, M&F's translation into Latin is
Quantīs diēbus post mē Rōmam proficīscī vīs?
which I can follow, but clearly goes against what I thought. So what is the distinction between quot and quantus? And is the literal translation "post me" quite kosher here? I thought you might have to use a verbal form, like "after I leave" or "after my leaving" (as in the way they said "yes").
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