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Greek vowel pronunciation.

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Greek vowel pronunciation.

Postby phil » Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:18 am

I've just started learing Greek, and I've come across a problem with pronunciation of the vowels. I have two sources, the first is First Greek Book, downloaded from Textkit, and the other is Learn Ancient Greek, by Peter Jones. I suspect that part of the problem is the New Zealand accent, because we say thinks a little differently down here. (For example, clerk rhymes with bark, not work)

Omega - FGB says it's pronounced like the o in tone, LAG says it's like the aw in saw. My guess is that LAG is wrong, and it rhymes with tone, boat, rote etc.

Eta - FGB says like the e in prey, LAG like ai in hair. If the DLG is correct, it would be like the long e in Latin, and rhyme with day, and also the ei dipthong, which rhymes with eight.

Iota - the DLG says it's like the i in either pin or machine. Now, in a New Zealand accent, they do not sound the same. LAG says it is like the i in pit, which I think is correct.

Omicron - FGB says like the o in obey, LAG like o in pot. Again, in NZ, not the same sound. Is it like pot, rot and whatnot?

(nearly finished)

FGB says the the alpha with the iota subscript is said like the a with a macron. Is that as in father? In which case it would be the same as alpha?

FGB also says the both eta and omega with iota subscript sound just the same as without. Correct?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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Re: Greek vowel pronunciation.

Postby jaihare » Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:31 am

Although I use the Erasmian pronunciation (because it's what I learned in college when studying Koine and I cannot break the habit now), here is a good reference on the subject: http://www.greek-language.com/alphabet

Good luck in your learning! May you develop better habits than I have!
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