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The Hopperizer: Link text to Perseus or Diogenes LSJ lexicon

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The Hopperizer: Link text to Perseus or Diogenes LSJ lexicon

Postby LSorenson » Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:07 pm

(This post has been updated/edited (12-15-2008) from the orignal post )

Hello all,

Christmas 2008 has come early to online students of ancient Greek! Tom Moore at KataBiblon.com (a Greek/English online New Testament/Greek Old Testament site) has been putting a tool together called "the Hopperizer" which can be found at http://www.katabiblon.com/tools/perseus-hopperizer/ .

The Hopperizer does a number of the cool things such as:

* Link a betacode text (TLG/Perseus or B-Greek) or Greek Unicode text to the Perseus' website's online LSJ Hopper lexicon (with or without converting) or to Diogenes' LSJ lexicon when a local computer has it running!
* Convert B-Greek or TLG/Perseus betacode to Greek Unicode (with or without linking to Perseus/Diogenes)
* Convert Greek Unicode text to TLG or B-Greek betacode format (with or without linking to Perseus/Diogenes)
* Convert TLG/Perseus betacode to B-Greek betacode and vice-versa (with or without linking to Perseus/Diogenes)
* Optionally retain the original Greek text while converting between betacode and Unicode (this feature still has a couple kinks to be worked out under certain scenarios)
* The Diogenes option is a new option, and there may be some unknown bugs in certain situations

Some of the areas this can help sending emails.

* Get both Greek text and betacode text for submitting Greek passages in emails
* Keep betacode in emails in the correct format
* Preview the Greek/betacode before sending in submissions
* Links to Perseus' lexicon Greek which have been stripped from emails by browsers which do not support such links can be readded.

By pasting in the selections from emails and archives and other stored documents into the Hopperizer, a person can

* Read betacode emails/texts in both betacode and actual Greek
* Link the Greek and/or betacode words to Perseus' LSJ hopper lexicon/Diogenes LSJ lexicon
* Convert B-Greek betacode to more-readable actual Greek
* Add the Greek text to B-Greek emails which contain only B-Greek betacode

Some other uses for this tool are:

* Paste selections from online grammars (such as Funk) and link the Greek words to Perseus/Diogenes LSJ lexicon
* Use the tool to check parsings for Greek exercises (as long as the form is in Perseus' LSJ database)
* See if Greek sentences written by students are actual Greek words and not misspelled or misaccented

The Hopperizer is Unicode aware, and can split out English from Greek text and English from CAPITALIZED B-GREEK BETACODE! It even retains the formatting for passages. It will link Greek words with hyphens such as ἀγορ-ίζω to the correct word (even Perseus' hopper does not do that!).

Tom's Kata Biblon website (http://www.katabiblon.com/) does not yet have a direct link posted, but the utility is online and available. Thank Tom for the early Christmas present. Again, the link to the Hopperizer is http://www.katabiblon.com/tools/perseus-hopperizer/ . Take a look at it and feel free to give him any suggestions you have. Tom can be contacted at tom@katabiblon.com .

I suggest that those interested try

* Submitting some of the emails from a B-Greek email to the Hopperizer
* Browse the B-Greek Archive and submit some emails to the Hopperizer (http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/b-greek/)
* Copy and paste a lesson from Funk's 'A Beginning/Intermediate Grammar of Hellenistic Greek' into the Hopperizer (http://www.ibiblio.org/bgreek/project/f ... pre-alpha/)
* Submit some text from Smyth's Grammar at CCEL.org to the Hopperizer
* Submit some non-linked Greek text from the Church fathers, your own documents or online lessons to the Hopperizer

The B-Greek email list can be found at http://lists.ibiblio.org/b-greek/
The GreekStudy email list can be found at http://www.quasillum.com/study/greekstudy.php
The Perseus (Tufts University) Digital library can be found at http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper
The TLG (Thesaurus Linguae Graecae - Univerisity of California - Irvine) Digital library can be found at http://www.tlg.uci.edu/

Louis Sorenson
(a Hopperizer beta tester and enthusiast)
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Re: The Hopperizer - Link your texts to Perseus' LSJ and more!

Postby LSorenson » Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:51 pm

The initial email was sent out to the B-Greek email list and hence references to B-Greek (a biblical Greek email list) . But the Hopperizer utility is not a Biblical-Greek utility but a companion to the Perseus LSJ website, and therefore able to link words from many Greek texts which are not on the Perseus website. Perseus' LSJ database may not list many words that are well-formed Greek words. I have found that when reading Aesop's fables by Babrius (Perry's Text) or Epictetus' Enchiridion or the the Greek Old Testament (LXX/Septuagint) that the Perseus lexicon/morphology search will often say 'word not found'. This simply means that the word in its current submitted form is not found in the list of forms the LSJ lexicon looks at. It may still be a valid Greek word; the LSJ lexicon is not complete - that is why there are supplementary lexicons to LSJ - the LSJ supplement, the Baur-Danker-Arndt-Gingrich Lexicon to the NT, Lampe's Lexicon of Patristic Greek, lexicons to Homer, etc.

I have found that the Hopperizer is excellent for linking more than one word to Perseus. If you have only one word to link, the direct Perseus interface is great. But if you want to link a whole sentence - use the Hopperizer. It even works for your Greek exercises, and once you learn how to use betacode, you can submit sentences to Perseus without having to try to configure your computer to use polytonic Greek fonts (unicode fonts) or switch between international keyboards on your computer.

The Hopperizer is also a betacode converter, both forwards (from betacode to Greek Unicode) and backwards (from Greek Unicode to Betacode). The only bi-directional converter on the web.

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Re: The Hopperizer - Link your texts to Perseus' LSJ and more!

Postby savarez » Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:53 am

This is brilliant! Thank you!
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Re: The Hopperizer: Link your texts to Perseus or Diogenes LSJ!

Postby LSorenson » Tue Dec 16, 2008 1:38 am

Tom at Kata Biblon.com has now given online users of the Hopperizer the option of using either Perseus' LSJ lexicon or Diogenens LSJ lexicon. In order to use Diogenes, one must have Diogenes installed on their local computer and started (minimized). Diogenes is normally run from a machine's localhost account on port 8888. But, sometimes, if that port was already taken, Diogenes/localhost will run on port 8889.

Everyone running Diogenes has a server running on port 8888, or if that port was not available, on 8889, and so on until it finds a free port. The port specification in the Windows installation can be found in the file \\User\Application Data\Diogenes\Diogenes-Browser\.diogenes.run. Open the file with Notepad to view it. For most users, the default setting (localhost: 8888) should work fine.

The LSJ lexicon for Diogenes uses Perseus' source code. Perseus has more links to other texts, but even with its updated servers, experiences overload when all those new Greekophiles out there start doing their homework. So if you cannot access Perseus quickly, it's best to use Diogenes rather than sit and wait for a response.

Many thanks to Peter Heslin who has given us the querystrings to retrieve this information from Diogenes, and for his many years spent getting Diogenes as a tested, freely available and robust application. Diogenes can be downloaded from http://www.dur.ac.uk/p.j.heslin/Software/Diogenes/download.php.

The Hopperizer may still have a few bugs in regards to Diogenes. If you discover any issues or bugs, drop Tom a note at mailto://tom@katabiblon.com and let him know what your issue is.

Louis Sorenson
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Re: The Hopperizer: Link text to Perseus or Diogenes LSJ lex

Postby bedwere » Fri Jul 22, 2016 5:56 pm

I installed Diogenes on my Linux laptop. It works, if you start it manually from

It also works with http://www.katabiblon.com/tools/perseus-hopperizer/ , provided you go to


and create a symbolic link

sudo ln -s Perseus.cgi perseus.cgi

It would be nice to have an off-line version of Hopperizer. I emailed the author with my request. I'll let you know, should I hear back from him.
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