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plato parmenides

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plato parmenides

Postby chad » Tue Sep 30, 2003 2:33 am

hi guys,<br /><br />could i please ask a grammatical question... in this sentence,<br /><br />[face=SPIonic]ei) e(/n e)stin, a)/llo ti ou)k a)\n ei)/h polla\ to\ e(/n;[/face]<br /><br />are the words for "one" and "many" in the nominative case? there's no reason why [face=SPIonic]polla\[/face] would be accusative?<br /><br />(the sentence is from plato, parmenides, 137c)<br /><br />thanks heaps, chad. :)
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Re:plato parmenides

Postby greagach » Tue Sep 30, 2003 12:24 pm

<br /> Both of them are in nominative case.
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