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Ancient and Modern Greek on LingQ

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Ancient and Modern Greek on LingQ

Postby gregf » Mon May 28, 2018 8:06 am

I don't think there was ever a general announcement here, but after a long wait we finally got Modern Greek added as a supported language on the language learning website http://www.lingq.com. (full disclosure: I'm just a happy user of the site.) There is a fair amount of MG material online to use, and I've noticed that some users are using the slot to learn Koine Greek as well: the website staff has helpfully added the Perseus dictionary tool (via Logion), so in theory any form of Greek from Homeric to Modern can be used on the site.

I've been using the MG slot to learn Modern Greek exclusively, and the Esperanto slot to import Homeric Greek (primarily the Iliad). I did this so as not to mix my MG and AG vocabularies on the site, but you may do things differently.

Please let me know if you sign up (username: gregf), I'd love to have more Greek learners on the site. It's a wonderful tool for reading and managing vocabulary acquisition.
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