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Help my text book is driving me crazy

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Help my text book is driving me crazy

Postby Hukomoio21 » Mon Mar 31, 2014 11:23 am

I read we have to introduce ourselves when we first join so just in-case my question doesn't count: I'm a classics major from New Zealand YAY, and I was dumb enough when starting to learn Ancient Greek to not learn the basics really well first so now I need help :).

we are meant to change the direct statement into indirect speech. and we are using verbs of knowing or perceiving.

In short I have to change the verb to an accusative participle form in the same tense. Conceptually thats really easy, especially when you have the book right there. The problem is that in Q.3b e)pedh/mei is an imperfect......and as far as I can tell the imperfect does not have any participles. So my questions, am I wrong are there participles I don't know about, If not which participles are appropriate to use and why, and Is there any chance that it is not an imperfect?

anyway please help.
*I'm using the Reading Greek book, the Cambridge association of classical teachers one. In the revision exercises on page 267 question 3 (you know just in-case one of you has the book)
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