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Looking for helper/s!

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Looking for helper/s!

Postby brostakovich » Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:51 pm

I really don't want this post to be percieved as spam, just because I don't mention there anything about ancient Greek. I'm teenager (17) from Poland and I'm trying to learn Greek on my own. Modern greek. Learning alone is however very hard and often - almost impossilbe. Just because I cannot be sure if I really use some of greek words correctly or if I understand them well. That's why I'm looking for someone, who is greek native speaker and would help me in learning, just by aswering my questions regularly (and believe me, almost everyday I got a few) and maybe, when I get into it, chatting me a bit in Greek. Of course, Facebook or Skype would be best for that. I know something like that has been already mentioned on forum, but I'm afraid no one would see my ask lost in hundreds of replies.
So if you are a person, who can help me (it would be the best if you use Facebook regularly), and maybe you want to get to know somebody new or also get to know something about Poland and living in there, please, contact me! - there, by email, wherever. I left my email adress below.
Thank you!

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