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My first Greek lesson! Could someone help?

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My first Greek lesson! Could someone help?

Postby grassfell » Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:45 pm

I simply don't learn well through grammar tables, even in my native language. It's too unnatural to me. I learn best using the natural method, as with Hans Orberg's Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata. But as it doesn't exist in Greek, I was hoping someone would like to help me get started with my own version of Greek by the natural method. This is passage I created is similar to the one on page 1 of Lingua Latina:

"Greece is in Europe. Italy is in Europe. Germany is in Europe. France is in Europe. Crete is in Europe. Malta is in Europe.
Greece and Italy are in Europe. Germany and France are in Europe. Spain and Portugal are in Europe.
Egypt is in Africa. Syria is in Asia. Russia is in Europe and Asia.
Is Egypt in Europe? Egypt is not in Europe, Egypt is in Africa. Is Syria in Europe? Syria is not in Europe, Syria is in Asia. Is Greece in Europe? Yes, Greece is in Europe. Is Spain in Europe? Yes, Spain is in Europe. Is Germany in Africa? No, Germany is not in Africa. Is Crete in Asia? No, Crete is in Europe.
Germany is big. France is big. Malta is small and Crete is small.
Malta is an island. Crete is an island. Malta and Crete are islands. Germany is not an island. France is not an island. Germany and France are not islands.
Malta is a small island. Crete is a big island."

Would someone like to help with this? I'm interested in learning Homeric Greek but the others are also fine. If I knew Greek, I'd write a whole textbook like this.
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