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Imperative endings

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Imperative endings

Postby Bert » Mon Sep 01, 2003 10:42 pm

[face=SPIonic]i)/qi[/face] is the 2nd sg. imperative of [face=SPIonic]ei)=mi[/face]<br />This is not a regular ending, but [face=SPIonic]ei)=mi[/face] seems to be a bit of an odd kind of verb.<br />[face=SPIonic]klu=qi[/face] is also an imerative and it has the same ending. Is this ending more regular than I am thinking or am I missing something obvious?<br />Thank you
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Re:Imperative endings

Postby annis » Mon Sep 01, 2003 10:53 pm

The [face=SPIonic]-qi[/face] 2.sg. imperative ending is used with particular verb forms. For example, the athematic second aorists. In a few days an article I've written about those will show up elsewhere on Textkit. <br /><br />In any case some other athematic verb forms (that is, they don't use a helping vowel before the ending) also take this ending, which includes several of the [face=SPIonic]-mi[/face] verbs which are irregular enough to get written out in grammars, certain aorists, and a few second perfects.<br /><br />The ending isn't common, but the verbs that use it are. :) [face=SPIonic]i)/qi[/face] and [face=SPIonic]klu=qi[/face] are both very common.
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Re:Imperative endings

Postby Emma_85 » Wed Sep 03, 2003 2:08 pm

[face=SPIonic]oi)~da i)/sqi[/face] is also quite common, and then of course there's also [face=SPIonic]ei)mi i)/sqi[/face]. <br /> they both have the same form, but it's not normal to be confused as to the meaning (be! know!) ;).
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