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Agamemnon reading group holiday slowdown

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Agamemnon reading group holiday slowdown

Postby Paul Derouda » Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:23 pm

At some time or another, several people have said that they might not be able to stick with planned reading schedule or need some time to catch up, etc.

I propose that for the next two assignments, we take two weeks per assignment instead of one, and then (after January 6th) return to the one assignment per week rate. Or, we could even do with the slower rate for three assignments.

What do you think?

My proposed new weekly assignments (if we slow down for two assignments):
1-39 (October 7th), 40-103, 104-159, 160-217, 218-263 (November 4th), 264-319, 320-384, 385-474, 475-537 (December 2nd), 538-586, 587-635 (December 23rd), 636-680 (January 6th), 681-762, 762-809, 810-854, 855-930 (February 3rd), 931-974, 975-1071, 1072-1135, 1136-1213 (March 3rd), 1214-1294, 1295-1371, 1372-1447, 1448-1520, 1521-1611 (April 7th), 1611-1673.

I use the occasion remind everybody on the forum that we are not an exclusive club, and everybody is invited to participate, regardless of your greek level! Also, to participate, you don't have to know exactly what section we are to supposed to be reading at present, or to comment precisely that section, or to be ashamed to have dropped behind, or whatever. If you have something to say or ask about the Agamemnon, just post! :)
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