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Tutorium "The Greek Noun"

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Tutorium "The Greek Noun"

Postby Asterix » Tue Jun 28, 2005 9:23 am

Hello to everybody

Do we have here something like the tutorium "The Latin Noun" or "The Greek Aspects" referring to the declination of the Greek noun. Somethink like a quick overlook about this, a manuel, handsheet, reader or call it like you want it.

Thanks and excuses for my English (it's declinsion, but I hate this word: so german deklination sounds better.
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Postby GlottalGreekGeek » Wed Jun 29, 2005 7:54 pm

Actuellement on peut regarder http://www.vroma.org/~abarker/tschaponetwo.html ou "The Noun" à http://community.middlebury.edu/~harris ... ammar.html . Si vous avez des questions encore, n'hesitez pas les demander ici.

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