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Aoidoi.org triple-whammy

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Aoidoi.org triple-whammy

Postby annis » Sat Jun 25, 2005 7:05 pm

First, in my continuing obsession with Pindar, a commentary on Olympian 11 (thanks to chad for taking a first look at that and offering suggestions).

In order to make Pindar a little easier to read metrically - and to save myself some typing for commentaries - I have updated my Introduction to Greek Meter to include a section on Dactylo-epitrite and Pindar's aeolic practice (it's on the last three pages).

Finally, after reading Scribes and Scholars I went out in search of the work of the early Italian Humanists. I found an old, gigantic book with Politian's Greek verse. I have selected 10 of the 57 for the verse comp section of the site: Selected Ancient Greek Verse of Politian. It's interesting to see one of the first post-classical Classicists in western Europe produce Greek verse. I would not, however, recommend him as a model. He tolerates amazing hiatus, and has a few false quantities. His dialect choices operate by some system I do not yet comprehend.

There are no commentaries on these poems, but none of them are difficult.
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