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Phonetic transliterations of Greek Vocab

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Phonetic transliterations of Greek Vocab

Postby Thucydides » Sun Apr 03, 2005 3:11 pm

When learning huge vocab lists, I often find it useful to get other people to test me. Knowing a word aurally is usually harder than recognising it on paper, and oral tests also mean that I get tested on the words out of order, which again strenthens my knowledge.

For Latin this is easy enough. Greek however presents a problem when the tester can't read Greek. My solution so far has been to write a phonetic transcription next to each word. So far this has worked quite well.

However, it is immensely time consuming to add the phonetic pronunciation. Since the phonetic substitutions are pretty regular (-os at the end of 2nd masc. nom noun for instance is always "oss"; zeta is always 'sd' etc.) I feel there must be an easier way to do it. I'm dimly aware that MS Word might have some facilities for doing this(macros?), but I really don't know how to use them.

Can anyone think of a way of doing it in Word? Or a different way altogher?

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Postby Bardo de Saldo » Sun Apr 03, 2005 5:45 pm

You could choose passages in Greek from Perseus in their latin transliteration form; highlight them, and copy and paste them to a word processor. I know those wouldn't be vocabulary lists, but hey, you would be cultivating your friend's minds.
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