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the greek translation of 'procul harun'

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the greek translation of 'procul harun'

Postby chelmar » Sun Mar 20, 2005 8:19 pm


I know i shouldn't be asking for a simple sentence, but I’m going to anyway :roll:

How do you translate the Latin sentence 'procul harun' correctly into Greek.
It means something like 'beyond these things' in Latin but I need to know how it translated into Greek, and how it's spelled.

I've looked up the words:

these= aftoi/aftes/afta

These are modern greek words, but i really would prefer the translation in ancient Greek. Unfortunately I don't have that kind of diary..

Please help
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Postby adz000 » Mon Mar 21, 2005 5:14 pm

The Greek for procul harum would be something like [face=SPIonic]po/rrw tou/twn[/face] (po/rrw tou/twn), I think.

What do you need the translation for?
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Postby ThomasGR » Tue Mar 22, 2005 7:53 pm

πέραν τούτου (singular)
πέραν τούτων (plural)

it is the same expression, although many will use "aftou" for "toutou".
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