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Half remembered Greek epigram

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Half remembered Greek epigram

Postby cadoro » Sat Jan 15, 2005 8:20 am

Some time ago I was reading a book about the poetry of AE Housman and it included an epigram from the Greek Anthology by -I think-Leonidas of Tarentum, with the thought of there being thousands of years before you're born and thousands after you die-the vita brevis idea.
Can anyone pinpoint the epigram please and if possible give a link to the original greek?
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Postby Skylax » Sun Jan 16, 2005 3:16 pm

Hello !

The reference is Anthologia Graeca, VII, 472. Here is the original Greek :

[face=SPIonic]muri/oj h)=n, w)/nqrwpe, xro/noj pro\ tou=, a)/xri pro\j h)w=
h)=lqej, xw( loipo\j muri/oj ei)j a)i/+dhn.
ti/j moi=ra zwh=j e)pilei/petai, h)\ o(/son o(/sson
stigmh\ kai\ stigmh=j ei)/ ti xamhlo/teron;
mikrh/ seu zwh\ teqlimme/nh: ou)de\ ga\r au)th\
h(dei=', a)ll' e)xqrou= stugnote/rh qana/tou.
e)k toi/hj w(/nqrwpoi a)phkribwme/noi o)stw=n
a(rmoni/hj u(you=nt' h)e/ra kai\ nefe/laj:
w)=ner, i)/d' w(j a)xrei=on, e)pei\ peri\ nh/matoj a)/kron
eu)lh\ a)ke/kriston lw=poj e)fezome/nh:
oi(=on to\[/face] † [face=SPIonic]yala/qrion a)peyilwme/non, oi(=on
pollw=| a)raxnai/ou stugno/teron skele/tou.
h)ou=n e)c h)ou=j o(/sson sqe/noj, w)=ner, e)reunw=n
ei)/hj e)n leith=| keklime/noj bioth=|:
ai)e\n tou=to no/w| memnhme/noj a)/xrij o(milh=|j
zw/|oij e)c oi(/hj h(rmo/nisai kala/mhj.

The crux means that the word [face=SPIonic]yala/qrion[/face] is not found elsewhere and is of doubtful meaning. Maybe the text is corrupted there (I cannot scan this line properly).
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Postby cadoro » Sun Jan 16, 2005 10:24 pm

Many thanks for the information!
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