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Potential Optative Clause with Relative Pronoun?

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Potential Optative Clause with Relative Pronoun?

Postby PeterD » Sat Oct 30, 2004 12:37 am


From Plato's Apology, 34b6,

[face=SPIonic]Ei0=en dh/, w)= a)/ndrej: a(\ me\n e)gw\ e)/xoim0 a)\n a)pologei=sqai, sxedo/n e)sti tau=ta kai\ a)/lla i)/swj toiau=ta.[/face]

Can I call the first clause in the sentence above a potential optative with a neuter accusative plural relative pronoun ([face=SPIonic]a(/[/face])?

My traslation: "Very well, men; that ([face=SPIonic]tau=ta[/face]) is about all, and more perhaps of the same kind ([face=SPIonic]toiau=ta[/face]), which ([face=SPIonic]a(/[/face]) I could/ have to offer in (my) defence."

Thank you.

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Postby Emma_85 » Sat Oct 30, 2004 2:24 pm

Yes, I'd think that this optative is potential too (it has an 'an' too which is signalling that this optative should be seen as a potential one), you might even translate it with 'can'.
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