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More Hansen + Quinn questions..

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More Hansen + Quinn questions..

Postby Titus Marius Crispus » Thu Sep 30, 2004 4:04 pm

Just making sure I understand what's going on.

H+Q Unit 4 English to Greek exercises:
1. If the poet writes a good book about battle, the young men will dissolve the peace.

[face=SPIonic]e)a\n o( poihth\j a)gaqo\n bibli/on peri\ th=j ma/xhj grayh|, oi( neani/ai th\n ei)rhnhn lu/sousin.[/face]

2. If you (pl.) should sacrifice animals to the gods, we would stop the war.

[face=SPIonic]ei) zw=|a toi=j qeoi=j qu/aite, to\n po/lemon pau/saimen.[/face]

3. If I had guarded the island, you would have guarded the bridge.

[face=SPIonic]ei) th\n nh=son fu/laca, th\n ge/furan fu/lacaj.[/face]

4. The citizens refused to send animals in order that the soldiers on the island might sacrifice to the gods.

[face=SPIonic]oi( poli=tai zw=|a e)pe/myai ou)k h)qe/leon i(/na oi( e)n th=| nh/sw| stratiw=tai ta=j qeoi=j qu/saien.[/face]

The soul of the unjust man is not worthy of the prize.

[face=SPIonic]h( tou= a)di/kou a)nqrw/pou yuxh\ ou) tou= a)/qlou a)ci/a.[/face]

Titus Marius
Titus Marius Crispus
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Postby Skylax » Thu Sep 30, 2004 6:11 pm

You did a very good job. :)

Some comments :

- [face=SPIonic]gra/yh|[/face] : right, but the compound verb [face=SPIonic]suggra/yh|[/face] would perhaps be better
- speaking of « battle » in general, [face=SPIonic]peri\ ma/xhj[/face] without an article would be more natural

- [face=SPIonic]qu/saite[/face] with a sigma is the aorist optative active (you wrote correctly [face=SPIonic]qu/saien[/face] in # 4)

- You forgot augments : [face=SPIonic]e)fu/laca, e)fu/lacaj[/face]

- You forgot to remove an augment :P : [face=SPIonic]pe/myai[/face], or is it [face=SPIonic]e)kpe/myai[/face] « send away » ?
- It is [face=SPIonic]e)qe/lw[/face], not –[face=SPIonic]e/w[/face], thus the imperfect should be [face=SPIonic]h)/qelon[/face] : the thematic vowel is E or O, not both
- [face=SPIonic]tai=j qeoi=j[/face] would mean « to the goddesses »

EDIT : in #2 and 3, don't forget to add an A)/N with PAU/SAIMEN and E)FU/LACAS

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Postby Titus Marius Crispus » Fri Oct 01, 2004 11:49 am


A lot of stupid mistakes, as usual, but I understood the corrections you made.

Titus Marius Crispus
Titus Marius Crispus
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