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Great Scott abbreviations

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Great Scott abbreviations

Postby Cheiromancer » Sun May 20, 2012 12:10 am

I was at perseus looking up the Liddell and Scott entry for ὑπόστασις. There is a lot of citations, but they all have cryptic abbreviations. Is there a handy list somewhere of what the abbreviations stand for?

I mean, Arist.PA 659a24 is probably Aristotle's Parts of Animals, but what is Hp.Art.55? I bet Thphr.HP 9.8.3 is by Theophrastus, but what? And so on.

Thanks in advance

Edit: I forgot that Google is my friend! A huge list of abbreviations is here:


(I have more than 10 posts, so I won't be banned, I hope, for posting a link. I checked the Textkit Forum rules first!)
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