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meaning of "logos"

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meaning of "logos"

Postby Junya » Wed May 16, 2012 11:18 pm

echein tous logous to^n eido^n

(This is from a commentary on Aristotle's De Anima 3:8.)

I think the meaning of this "logos" is "due relation, proportion; analogy" or "that which is said, proposition; definition".

Then, I want to take it as "analogy", "similarity",
but if it means so, the ta eide would have to be dative.
So I want to ask you if genitive is ok too in this case. (There are free, not-strict uses in genitive.)

And please show alternative readings if you have.
(I'm trying to read this as creatively as possible. So show me creative ones.)

+ homoio^s
+ de
+ kai
+ ho
+ nous
+ kai
+ he^
+ aisthe^sis
+ eide^ : I think eidos means like phantasia, phantasma in this book, and means "simulacrum".
+ eisi
+ kai
+ eido^n
+ eisi
+ dektika
+ dia
+ to
+ echein : maybe "to keep" if "logous to^n eido^n" means "proprtions among eide^"
+ tous
+ logous : due relation, proportion ; ANALOGY (similarity with eide^ ?) / that which is stated, PROPOSITION ; DEFINITION
+ to^n
+ eido^n
+ . (period)
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