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Thesaurus Linguae Graece

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Thesaurus Linguae Graece

Postby Radek » Fri Jul 09, 2004 12:50 pm

I have some question about Thesaurus Linguae Graece.

Can I print the text from CD in big parts or only in short paragraphs as is in abriged on-line?
Can I displey text in Unicode or any other Greek fonts or only in beta-code (I don`t like beta code)?
Does the full wersion contains also CD?

In you know more about this base and its functionality please say me about.
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Postby whiteoctave » Fri Jul 09, 2004 4:49 pm

the full tlg does exist on just one cd-at least my copy does. its scope for how much can be viewed in one window is able to be varied, so you can see the whole text at once. the greatest use of the tlg, really, is its word search facility. the cd can be searched excellently on macs using 'pandora', but an equally suitable search program for the tlg disc on a pc is yet to be available.
all in all, unless you are serious about some kind of lexicography, subscribing to the online tlg is the wisest move.

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