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Centaur Systems Gramma

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Centaur Systems Gramma

Postby kat67 » Wed Jun 30, 2004 11:14 am

Has anyone used the Centaur System Gramma program to learn Greek?


My son and I are thinking of switching from Koine to the Athenaze book featured in this software, but will miss being able to access the phonetic pronunciation in Strong's Koine dictionary to supplement our current Koine text book.

Has anyone used this software to study Koine??

Do some of the verb and noun drills match up to Koine?

I was having trouble finding "a" declension nouns that had the same endings as those in Chapter 5 of the Machen text. "thallatta" seemed to have the same endings as "doxa" though. Is "a" declesion one of the areas where the grammar is different?

"luw" is the same right?

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