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Beginner's Mistakes

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Beginner's Mistakes

Postby Piekarski » Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:36 am

Hey Textkit,

So, I've decided to learn New Testament so I can read the Bible and the writing's of the early Church Fathers in the original Greek.

I ordered Cory's "A Primer of Biblical Greek" off of Amazon and can't wait to get it and begin.

Even though I've studied a little Latin, as well as French and Spanish, I fell a little intimidated by Greek due to the different alphabet (which I'm already practicing as I wait for my book to arrive).

I also went looking on Textkit to see if anyone had written about any common "beginner's mistakes" with learning Greek. My search didn't turn up anything, so I was wondering if there has been a thread about common beginner's mistakes with Greek.

If there's not, could you let me know here what you wished you had known when you started learning Greek and if there are any beginner's mistakes that I should be aware of and avoid.

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