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Absolute Infinitive

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Absolute Infinitive

Postby Junya » Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:59 am


About the Absolute Infinitive.

In Smyth 1247. on Absolute Infinitive, there are sample sentences like,

hekousa einai ouk apoleipetai (it is not willingly separated
to ge ep' ekeinon einai eso^the^s (as far as it depended on him you would have been saved)

Can I understand them as being adverbial, like ho^s clauses, explaining the accompanying circumstance of the main clause ?


antelabeto Israe^l paidos autou,
mne^sthe^nai eleous
(he helped Israel his slaves,.........)

Is this "mne^sthe^nai" such an adverbial expression ?
"(with the accompanying circumstance of) remembering the pitious people" ?
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