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H & Q Unit 7 English to Greek

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H & Q Unit 7 English to Greek

Postby bingley » Wed Apr 14, 2004 9:49 am

Could someone look over these English to Greek translations, please.
The grammar points of this unit are:
a. middle voice
b. second aorist active and middle
c. independent optatives
d. [face=SPIonic] e)kei=noj [/face]
e. conditionals with relative protases
f. adverbs

1. If only the animals and the money may be sent to the island by the men in the market place. The (inabitants) of the island could sacrifice to the gods.
[face=SPIonic] ei)/qe ta\ zw|=a te kai\ to\n a)rgu/rion u(po\ tw=n e)n th|= a)gora|= a)nqrw/pwn ei)j th\n nh=son pemfqei=en. oi( e)n th|= nh/sw| ou=)n toi=j qeoi=j qu/oien a)/n. [/face]

2. I wish that the young men may be well taught by the words of the wise poet. They would then be on guard, at least, against the enemy.
[face=SPIonic] ei) ga\r oi( neani/ai toi=j tou= poihtou= tou= sofou= lo/goij eu=) paideuqei=en. tou\j ou=)n pole/miouj a)\n fula/ttointo/ ge. [/face]

3. May the gods save the assembly and the council. Let us not leave the soldiers in the country.
[face=SPIonic] oi( qeoi\ th\n e)kklhsi/an th\n boulh\n te sw|/zwsin. mh\ tou\j stratiw=taj e)n th|= xw/ra| lei/pwmen. [/face]

4. The goats of the men of the plain might be stolen by the enemy. Do not prevent the men of the plain from guarding their animals.
[face=SPIonic] oi( ai)=gej tw=n tou= pedi/ou a)\n u(po\ tw=n pole/miwn klapei=en. mh\ kwlu/shte tou\j tou= pedi/ou ta\ zw|=a fula/ttein. [/face]
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Postby whiteoctave » Wed Apr 14, 2004 11:31 am

Grammatically they are fine and are actually rather stylish. Well played. In the latter half of the first, oun is further into the sentence than it tends to like to be. In the second ending with the enclitic ge is not too common, but by no means wrong. The positioning of the enclitic te cannot work, I fear, in the third and maybe te kai between the two would be more viable.
Great stuff,

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Postby bingley » Thu Apr 15, 2004 5:28 am

Thank you, whiteoctave.
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