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LSJ questions

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LSJ questions

Postby pster » Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:49 am

κρύπ-τω , Ep. Iterat.
A. “κρύπτασκε” Il.8.272, -εσκε h.Cer.239: fut. “κρύψω” Od.4.350, etc.: aor.1 ἔκρυψα, Ep.“κρύψα” 11.244: pf. κέκρυ^φα (συγ-) D.H.Comp. 18:—Med., fut. “κρύψομαι” S.Tr.474, E.Ba.955: aor. “ἐκρυψάμην” S. Aj.246 (lyr.), etc.:—Pass., fut. “κρυφθήσομαι” Dialex.2.4, “κρυ^βήσομαι” E.Supp.543, LXX Je.39(32).27, “κεκρύψομαι” Hp.Mul.1.36: aor. ἐκρύφθην, Ep. κρ-, Il.13.405, E.Ba.955, ἐκρύβην [υ^] Ev.Jo.8.59, Aesop. 127, Apollod.3.2.2, (κατ-) Alciphr.3.47; part. “κρυ^φείς” S.Aj.1145: pf. “κέκρυμμαι” Od.11.443, Pi.O.7.57, etc.; Ion. 3pl. “κεκρύφαται” Hes. Th.730, Hp.Mul.2.163:—hide, cover, in Hom. with collat. notion of protection, “κεφαλὰς . . κορύθεσσι κρύψαντες” Il.14.373; ὁ δέ μιν “σάκεϊ κρύπτασκε φαεινῷ” 8.272, cf. 13.405 (Pass.); “κ. με . . πόδα” S.OC 114; later, simply, hide, “κ. φάος ὀμμάτων” Pi.N.10.40; cover, “τινά τινι” A.Eu.461, etc.; “ὑφ᾽ εἵματος κ. χεῖρα” E.Hec.343:—Med., κάρα κρυψάμενος having cloaked his head, S.Aj.246 (lyr.); φύει τ᾽ ἄδηλα καὶ φανέντα κρύπτεται hides in its own bosom, ib.647; “παῖδά μ᾽ ἐκρύψατο κρωσσός” IG14.1909:—Pass., hide oneself, lie hidden, “οὐρανῷ κρύπτεται” E.Hel.606; “δαλὸς κρύπτεται ἐς σποδιάν” Id.Cyc.615 (lyr.); “ὑφ᾽ εἵματος κρυφείς” S.Aj.1145: c. acc. cogn., “κρύψει σὺ κρύψιν ἥν σε κρυφθῆναι χρεών” E.Ba.l.c.

2. cover in the earth, bury, Hes.Op. 138, S.OC621 (Pass.); χθονί ib.1546 (Pass.); “τάφῳ” Id.Ant.196; ἐν κατ ώρυχι ib.774; κατὰ χθονός ib.25; “ὑπὸ γᾶν” Pi.P.9.81; “γῇ κ.” Hdt.2.130 (Pass.), cf. S.Ant.946 (lyr., Pass.):—Pass., “Τιτῆνες ὑπὸ ζόφῳ . . κεκρύφαται” Hes.Th.l.c.; “ἐν βένθεσιν νᾶσον κεκρύφθαι” Pi.O.l.c.

I've bolded a couple of things. Questions:

1) Considering the first two bolded items, what is the difference between Med. and Pass.? Here the Pass. seems pretty Med. Or to put it another way: how do they know what they are calling "Pass." is Pass. and not Med. in a case where the word means to hide oneself? I guess they just use a bunch of context. Maybe a stupid question on my part. But if a word means to lie hidden, how would you know it was Pass. when it seems clearly Med.?

2) Considering the bolded items under 2., what is the difference between the parenthetical "Pass." and the hyphened one, "-Pass"?

Thanks in advance.
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