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Translation Request

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Translation Request

Postby MacBentley » Sun Feb 01, 2004 5:33 am


Nothin scholarly about my question, but hopefully someone can help.

My father-in-law Peter Mouhlas was Greek, died about 10 years ago. He always called his daughter/my wife by the pet name Boodle Bug. Even in later years he still called her Boodle.

Last fall we bought a sailboat and I would like to name it Boodle II, Boodle 2, Boodle the 2nd, something along those lines. I'd like to put the II, 2, or 2nd, in Greek, classical or modern. I've searched the internet and found the word dyo, but obviously I don't know if this is the right context.

Thanks in advance,
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Postby Emma_85 » Sun Feb 01, 2004 5:20 pm

Second is deuteros ( [face=spionic]deu/teroj[/face] ).
[face=spionic]du/o[/face] , the word you found, is two.
Hope that helps
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Postby Kerastes » Sun Feb 01, 2004 6:00 pm

Emma_85 wrote:Second is deuteros ( [face=spionic]deu/teroj[/face] ).

Better make that deutera [face=SPIonic]deute/ra[/face] since ships, daughters, and wives are feminine.
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Postby mingshey » Mon Feb 02, 2004 1:21 am

B'(or to make it look like greek, [face=SPIonic]b /[/face]) would suffice, I would say. It's the late greek usage of alphabets as numerals.
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