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Inverse alphabetic order?

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Inverse alphabetic order?

Postby pster » Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:22 am

So this site--one my favorites actually--provides alphabetic lists of vocabulary for texts and inverse alphabetic lists, i.e. lists as though the words were read right to left. Kinda cool I guess if you want to focus on endings. Which endings I'm not entirely sure. Any guesses what this is most useful for?

http://mercure.fltr.ucl.ac.be/Hodoi/con ... lettre=013

Here is what D.9 occurrences look like:

nu 1200
sigma 853
iota 836
alpha 245
epsilon 175
eta 156
upsilon 130
omega 126
omicron 117
rho 63
kappa 31
chi 11
xi 8
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