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Quizzes for Wheelock's Latin

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Quizzes for Wheelock's Latin

Postby Anna T. » Thu Sep 27, 2007 3:40 pm

Salvete, Amatores Linguae Latinae!

I am an instructor just newly assigned to teach Latin 101 using Wheelock's Latin. I would love to find a source of quizzes and tests to use instead of making up my own. If anyone knows of any that are published or has quizzes or tests and is willing to share them, I would be most grateful. (I have a strong background in Latin, so I do not need answer keys. I just would love to save the effort of making up quizzes and tests, typing them, etc.) I am certainly willing to guard the confidentiality of any materials and to receive them via my institutional email so there would be no concern that the students of the willing person who shares would have access to them :)

Gratias vobis ago!
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