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Syllable stress in Workbook answer key

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Syllable stress in Workbook answer key

Postby seminomadic » Thu Feb 13, 2014 6:11 am

In the Wheelock's workbook (3rd ed. rev) from unit 1, my answer key says that the LAST syllable in several items is stressed:

20 (b) sal ve RE
20 (e) an ti QUA
20 (f) iu va TE

However, the intro to Wheelock's (p. xliv) reads: In a word of three or more syllables (a) the accent falls on the next to last syllable (sometimes called the "penult"), if that syllable is long
(ser-VA-re, con-SER-vat, for-TU-na); (b) otherwise, the accent falls on the
syllable before that (the "antepenult": MO-ne-o, PA-tri-a, pe-CU-ni-a,

and so I had...
20 (b) sal VE re
20 (e) an TI qua
20 (f) iu VA te

Safe to assume this is a repeating mistake by the workbook's creators, or am I misapplying the stress rule?
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